LabX Editorial Policy

The editors at LabX strive to produce factual and transparent editorial content. The articles we publish are professionally edited by knowledgeable experts. If you detect an error in one of our articles, please email our Technology Editor, Damon Anderson, PhD at We will post corrections at the discretion of the LabX editorial team.

References to preprints that have not yet undergone peer review are noted as such. Factual statements are referenced where possible. LabX does not allow reader comments to articles on the site. Comments posted on the LabX Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media sites are moderated and may be removed if they are abusive, off topic, or contain spam of any kind.

The LabX editorial team adheres to widely accepted and ethical journalistic practices. In addition to original editorial, the team frequently works with the creative services team in production of sponsored articles, infographics, and other collateral that are promoted on the LabX site. These sponsored pieces are clearly indicated as such.

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